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PROPERTY CONDITION REPORT PROPERTY ADDRESS: Cl ea n No tC W lean or ki N o ng tW Da ork ma ing ge No d tD a N o ma ge ta d pp lic ab le Comments ROOM / ITEM BEDROOM 1 Walls and Ceilings Doors Windows/Screens
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Welcome in this session we will bediscussing the property condition reportwhat is a property condition report thisis a picture of our property conditionreport otherwise known as the PCR andit's a digital form that can bedownloaded from our document site justwanted to take a quick second here toshow you the GCP PCR form and it's anentirety I have a full session devotedto it in detail that's coming up for youin the training sessions you can seehere it's maybe about a four or fivepage report that gets filled out askedall different kinds of questions butit's not as daunting as it looks becausetheir session their sections of thisthat do not get filled out if nothinggets done in the case of a winterizationup here if you check no then the rest ofthis whole section right here doesn'tget filled out so sometimes it can be aquick report sometimes it can be alittle bit long but I would think worstcase it takes about five to ten minutesto fill this thing out because you're atthe property you know the informationyou know what's going on the good thingabout this is the one you're done attachit as an asset to them to preserve softand then you can grab it each timeyou're out the property simply update itand re-upload it into the new work orderso this this might look like a lot ofwork up front but in the end in thefuture it's going to save you a lot oftime and you going to be much moreaccurate for your reporting of theproperties a PCR form is used to reporta specific set of information at aproperty a corresponding set of pictureswill always be required with the PCR theGCP PCR form is a digital form that mustbe filled out on your computer andattached as an asset in preserve soft itis mandatory that these forms are filledout and attached in this manner the PCRis the center of everything everythingelse that we do can be referred to as amodule like cutting grass tarping roofsboarding windows and all of thosemodules simply plug into the PCRwhen do you use a PCR form anytime aproperty condition report is ordered ona work order be sure to read every workorder carefully PCRs can be ordered onbids bid approvals icc initial securesrisa cures grass cuts maid servicessales cleans and more remember PCRs arethe basis for everything that you do inthe field everything is built around thereporting of a PCR so what's on a PCRform PCR forms are used to collectproperty type and description utilityinformation hazards and liabilitiespersonal property debris damages bidsand securing information first let'stalk about property type and descriptionit's going to ask you questions likewhat type of home is it a single-familyor a townhouse is it for sale is itoccupied are there any violations of theproperty it will ask you about utilitieswhat type of utilities are there waterpublic or well gas electric are theseutilities on or off what are the meterreadings hazards and liabilities...
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